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Mr & Miss Wayne

2016-2017 Mr and Miss Wayne High School

Graysen and Ben

Graysen Simmons and Ben Jackson

(picture provided by 4ever Photography by Kendra)

In May 2016, the new Mr & Miss Wayne were selected for the upcoming school year.  With this prestigious position comes an enormous responsibility.   The duties of Mr & Miss Wayne are to represent and be “the voice” of the student body throughout the Community and Huber Heights City Schools.

Graysen Simmons is the daughter of Colleen Fisher & Rob Mullins, and Jason Simmons.  She is involved in Student Council, Varsity Football Cheer, and Varsity Track.  Ben Jackson is the son of Chris and Becky Jackson.  He is a Captain on the Varsity Football Team, and also a member of the Varsity Track team.  After graduation, both plan on pursuing collegiate athletic scholarships in their sport.  Graysen plans on becoming a college pole-vaulter and Ben, a college football player, studying Aerospace Engineering.

As Seniors, Graysen and Ben are currently planning many exciting opportunities and events for this upcoming school year.  They will be responsible for high school pep rallies, but also the individual elementary and junior high school pep rallies, as well.  They both strongly agree that their main area of focus needs to be with maintaining and enhancing our “School Spirit”.

Wayne High School is incredibly excited for the 2016-17 school year.  Graysen and Ben are hoping to “bridge the gap” between teachers and the students, as well as, the students and the community.  Their main goal is the give back to the Community and make everyone feel included.

Please contact them via email and follow them on Instagram for updates on the latest activities at Wayne High School.  If you, or your organization are needing volunteer work, guest speakers, etc, please inquire via email.


instagram: MrandMissWayneHS


2015-2016 Mr and Miss Wayne High School

Haleigh Russell and Hunter Vaughn

Haleigh Russell and Hunter Vaughn

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mr & miss wayne hs

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