Multiple Teams · Streaming Update

We want to share an important update from TKDS Sports Network about the streaming service.  For those that have been trying to access directly through the web page, there may have been issues accessing the live games.  A new feature has been added to resovle that.  When you are on your home screen, check the tabs across the top of your page and you will see ‘Today’s Schedule 27 Aug’.  Simply click that option and you will see all the games that TKDS is currently streaming.

When you try to access the games by selecting the Wayne Warriors Channel, you aren’t able to see live streams at this time.  That feature is primarily going to be used for the archived games that have been recorded.  We also encourage you to download the app once you have an account as that platform seems to be more user friendly.  We hope this clears up any issues you may be having.

Finally, we will have the Varsity Football game at Springfield live tomorrow with commentators.  As a reminder, you will NOT be able to get tickets at the gate as Springfield.  So if you are not a family member that was able to purcahse a ticket, the TKDS platform is your best option to watch tomorrow.