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Multiple Teams · November Rotary Scholar Athletes: Rayna Edwards & Fred Pitts

Rotary Scholar Athletes


Rayna Edwards & Fred Pitts

Rayna Edwards           Fred Pitts

Rayna Edwards is the daughter of Cindy and Allen Edwards.  As an exceptional student athlete with a 4.09 GPA, she still finds time to be heavily involved in her school.  Rayna has been in our Girls Soccer Program for 4 years and is also a Wayne Swimmer.  She is very involved in student council and senior cabinet.  After high school, Rayna, plans to attend a four year college and become a nurse.

Why do you participate in this sport? and What do you like about it?

“I love everything about soccer.  It keeps me in shape and helps me build character.  It has brought me close with so many of my teammates.  Soccer has always been apart of my life, and I am thankful for it.”


Name of someone you look up to and why?

“I look up to my sisters Brooke and Alexa.  They are my inspirations in life and they inspire me to be just like them.  They have always been so supportive of me and all of my decisions.  My sisters might not live close, but they have made such a huge impact in my life.


Fred Pitts is the son of Fred and Johnita Pitts.  He is an excellent student and also a dual sport athlete with a 3.31 GPA.  He is a captain/senior running back for the varsity football team, and also competes in Track and Field.  His future goals include, playing collegiate football and to get his degree in Computer Science.

Why do you participate in this sport?  What do you like about it?

“I participate in this sport because I enjoy working with a team to accomplish a goal larger than any personal achievement.  What I like about football is the rigorous curriculum that provides you with important skills for life.  Football teaches players to persevere when obstacles are present.”

Name of someone you look up to and why?

“I look up to my father because he is a prime example of how a man should live.  He is extremely selfless and puts his family’s wants and needs before his own.  My father encourages me to strive to be the best in anything I pursue in life.  My father is an incredible role model, and I would not be the young man I am today without him.”

Congratulations to Rayna & Fred!