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Multiple Teams · MS Girls Basketball: 8th Grade Clinch 3rd Place in GWOC


Written by: Kellie Kenniebrew, Coach

8th Grade Girls Basketball Team, Weisenborn




Huber Heights Courier Article:

8th Grade Girls Basketball Clinches 3rd place in GWOC Tournament!!!

It’s been a great season for the Weisenborn Lady Warriors 8th grade girls’ basketball team as they clinch 3rd place in the GWOC conference this Saturday, February 14th, for 2014-2015. The team welcomed every challenge and used it as an opportunity to leave a “bookmark” for the Huber Heights developing girls’ basketball program. Through-out the season, they defeated every team in conference, ending with a 9-0 record and an overall, 14-2. This gave the Lady Warriors the No. 1 seed in the North standings.

With the tournament at hand, the Lady Warriors had to prove their competitiveness by matching up against top teams of the South conference in the Gold Bracket; this included seeded No. 2, Springboro White and Lebanon Maroon, seeded AL1. Getting a “bye” the first weekend, Lady Warriors prepared and defeated Lebanon Maroon to take their rightful place in the semi-finals. The battle to advance into the Championship game was met with upset when the Lady Warriors fell to Springboro White, 34-22, but this loss, did not stop them from still pursuing a spot in the top 3. After being defeated by Springboro White in the semi-finals, the Lady Warriors pushed forward determined to make their mark in the GWOC this year and took down Troy in the consolation game and clinched 3rd place in the conference.

“We wanted that championship spot.” Says Coach Kenniebrew. “It wasn’t in our favor this year, but it doesn’t negate the fact that these girls have played like CHAMPIONS! And 3rd place is not a bad place to be; it’s a wonderful place to be, especially when you take into account the number of teams in competition between the North and the South; finishing 3rd placed the Lady Warriors in a group of elite players. We shouldn’t miss that honor. I look forward to watching these young ladies in the future as they move on to Wayne. I’m sure they will have as much an impact there as they did representing Weisenborn this year.”