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Warriors News · From the AD: CONNECTIONS


Last week we got to talk about Relationships and how important they are to have in our daily lives.  We would like to take this a step further and talk about what really makes a long lasting and solid Relationship.  This is the art of building CONNECTIONS.

People can have relationships, but the real ones have great connections.  To connect with someone, really means that a person has taken the time and effort to really understand the other person and is willing to grow that relationship with a great connection.  Obviously in athletics, great teams usually have great connections within the team.  This is usually referred to as having great chemistry.  Great chemistry is having a deep connection with another person to where you almost think like the other person. You can imagine how important this fact is to determining the success of a team.

The other great example of a great connection is that of a successful marriage.  I hope everyone understands by now that we are trying to build much more than just athletic jocks.  We want our people to be great husbands and wives, great dads and great moms. Bottom line, great people that happen to play sports.  We firmly believe you do this by developing great “CONNECTIONS”…

We had a great signing day here at Wayne for scholarships. Many of our student athletes are doing this by getting it done in the classroom and then excelling on the athletic venue’s. Check out some names in this week’s Courier.


Jay Minton
Athletic Director