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Warriors News · From the AD: Outside vs Inside (Boys Bball 10th in NATION)


How many times have you ever looked at a person and wondered what they are going through on the inside.  They show happiness on the outside, however inside they are carrying a heavy burden or they don’t like their situation they are in, therefore are not truly happy.  Outside, they seem fine and you may think they have no worries at all. This is why it is so important to get to know people as well as you can.  The other side of this would be someone that isn’t upbeat or happy.  We all can figure out that something is bothering that person inside.

With many of our students, they may seem to be doing well on the outside, but inside something is really eating at them. This may be from home or at school. Think about how that can affect their outcome in academics and athletic performance.  This also happens with the people we come across in everyday life.  Some people wear their burdens well and some don’t.

Next time you run across a person that seems to be “Happy Go Lucky”, my challenge to you is get to know them to see what is behind the Happiness. It can be infectious.  Also, if you are a person that is extremely Happy, then God Bless you and may you be able to Bless others.

Varsity Boys Basketball is 10th in the NATION!

How about those Warriors, going out and beating the number one team in the country, Wow! Wayne Train!  Our Boys Basketball is now ranked #10 in the nation on MaxPreps.  http://www.maxpreps.com/m/article.aspx?articleid=99c0ec66-938d-444c-8fda-f79e5ed69e90

Also having a lot of success in Bowling, Swimming and Indoor Track. Proud of our Student Athletes! Hope to see everyone at the Centerville game this Friday.


Jay Minton

Athletic Director