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Warriors News · From the AD: PARENTING TIME


As we begin a new year, I wanted to share what I thought was one of the most important things in the development of young people.  Parenting is what is needed in today’s society more so than ever.  I have always said that some of the more successful coaches are the ones that are good parents.  These coaches tend to develop young people just as they would their own.  There truly is a correlation between the two.

The best example are the coaches or parents that develop young ones by being a great role model and establishing the line of being a mentor instead of a friend.  So many coaches and parents just want to be liked by young people instead of taking the strong stand in knowing what is right and sticking to that.  I have a poster that I look at every day and it states whatever is popular is not always right and what is always right is not always popular.   The latter is the hardest to do sometimes, but it always becomes the most important in the developing process.

The worst example are the coaches or parents that want to be a friend instead of a parent or coach.  This can never be mixed up in developing young people, however we see this more and more in our society today.  When you become a parent or coach, you accept the responsibility that goes with developing a young person.

Many times young people become dependent on the adult only to be disappointed in the lack of responsibility that is given by the adult. The best example of this is that of being a “dead beat dad”. In today’s society many family structures are being destroyed by divorce. However, when this happens, it does not remove the responsibility that a father has to his family. What a poor example of a parent and more importantly that of being a Dad.

I challenge anyone that is in this situation to use the New Year to reflect on how well you are taking on the responsibility of being a coach or a parent. If you are doing it correctly, then keep doing it well, but if there are some things you need to change, then now is a perfect time to resolve those issues. We wish everyone a very Happy New Year and may God bless you with the ability to change if needed…


Jay Minton
Athletic Director