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Multiple Teams · 8th Girls Basketball: BIG WIN!

A huge victory for the MS 8th grade girls basketball team!  We are very proud of these girls.  Congratulations to Coach Kenniebrew and her strong group of 8 girls.  Their next game is at home in the Weisenborn gymnasium on Jan.8th vs Morton MS. Come out and cheer these girls on!  


Previous scores:

Dec. 2, 2014:  Warriors 60 – Northmont 19  W
Dec. 4, 2014:  Warriors 58 – Trotwood 31  W
Dec. 6, 2014:  Warriors 36 – Mad River 47  L
Dec. 9, 2014:  Warriors 29 – Centerville Gold 30  L
Dec. 10, 2014:  Warriors 43 – Piqua 12  W
Dec. 13, 2014:  Warriors 58 – Northmont Green 19  W
Dec. 16, 2014:  Warriors 46 – Centerville Blk 25  W

Below is the article from the Huber Heights Courier on December 19, 2014.


Weisenborn’s  Eighth  Grade  Lady  Warriors  dehorn  Elks

Staff  reports

December  19,  2014

And  some  critics  said  “it  couldn’t  be  done!”  Many  can  think  back  over  the  years  and  count  how  many times   Lady   Warriors   basketball   has   been   able   to   take   down   one   of   the   top   competing   schools—the Centerville   Elks—but   the   Eighth   Grade   girls   basketball   team   showed   up   Tuesday   night   and   took   the Elks  by  the  horns!

Historically,   the   Lady   Warriors   have   always   ended   up   with   one   more   “L”   in   the   “Losing”   column,   but history  is  in  the  midst  of  change  and  eighth  grade  girls  basketball  is  spear-­heading  a  boost  to  the  girls basketball  program  in  Huber  Heights.

On  Tuesday,  Dec.  9,  the  Eighth  grade  girls  fell  to  Centerville  Gold  30-­29.  A  last  minute  three-­pointer  by  the  Elks  Kemp  gave  them  a  one  point  advantage with  less  than  two  minutes  remaining  in  the  fourth  quarter  and  a  Warrior  turnover  cost  them  the  game.

However,   on   Tuesday,   Dec.   16,   the   Lady   Warriors   responded   to   Centerville   (BLK)   by   dominating   the   floor   from   start   to   finish   outscoring   the   Lady   Elks 46-­25.  An  outstanding  performance  by  both  teams,  but  the  Lady  Warriors  effectively  introduced  themselves  and  took  the  “W.”

Olivia  Trice  led  the  Lady  Warriors  with  a  double/double  scoring  18  points,  owning  20  rebounds  and  three  blocks  followed  by  returning  Warrior  Destiny Bohanon   with   16   points,   five   assists   and   two   steals.   Rachelle   Bondurant   added   eight   points   and   Kenady   Moreland   and   Hope   Arnold,   both   added   two points  each.

“The  entire  bench  played  a  role  on  the  floor,  whether  it  was  on  the  offensive  end  or  the  defensive,  they  pulled  together,  played  smart  and  earned  the  win,” said   Coach   Kellie   Kenniebrew.   “I   couldn’t   be   any   more   proud   of   what   these   girls   were   able   to   do,   what   I   know   they   can   do,   and   I   hope   that   the   Huber Heights  Community  rallies  around  them  as  they  push  forward  in  the  season.”

The   girls   basketball   program   is   shaping   itself   with   a   new   program,   new   talent   and   a   new   outlook.   The   Eighth   grade   girls   basketball   team   is   eight members  deep  and  carry  the  effectiveness  of  a  full  bench  which  will  surely  entertain  any  spectator,  according  to  Kenniebrew.

The  next  home  game  will  be  Thursday,  Jan  8  against  Morton  Middle  School  at  Weisenborn.


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