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Multiple Teams · From the AD: A Time to Remember (Video Included)


Well it is finally over or is it?  Some really committed young people in our community came together with a goal in mind and they reached that goal, but unfortunately we could not finish it.  What did we all learn from these outstanding young people?  I learned that kids are so resilient and determined.  I wonder why in our adulthood, we can’t be more like our kids?  I also learned how a close our community really is when it matters most.

What a blessing to see our community come out and support these outstanding young people. The send off was spectacular. That is truly something that our kids will be talking about for many years to come.  The fans that came together to show support was exciting to see.  I was reminded that teachers at our school care so much about our young people.  They want them to succeed so much and are so happy for them when they do.  I saw tears in the eyes of so many which reminded me how much people really do care.  I learned how important athletics and a well-rounded academic program can help a young person mature.

 If you don’t believe me, listen to Robert Landers interview after the game to find out.  I really learned just what special people we have here both as students and as adults.  Yes, we are so sorry for not being able to bring home the championship, but with all the special people that are around here, something tells me it won’t be long.

(Coach Minton & Players Postgame Press Conference)

Channel 2 WDTN: Postgame Interviews

Can you imagine what this community would be like if we took the example of what these young people gave us and used it to grow into one of the best Communities in the State of Ohio?  I truly believe that we are not far from that and we will grow together because we all want the same thing and that is to be the best!  Thank you to so many for all that you did to help this past fall be “A Time To Remember!”

God Bless and Let’s Go Wayne…

Jay Minton
Athletic Director