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Warriors News · From the AD: P.R.I.D.E.



Since the word PRIDE is used so much, especially this time of year, we wanted to take a moment and share just what the word PRIDE means for many.  To have quality PRIDE, you must first start with “P” which is PEOPLE.  Yes, the people are what make pride so special. It is the people that you succeed with and in return build a great deal of PRIDE in your organization.  The R is all about the RELATIONSHIPS that you form when you are developing the PRIDE within your organization.  The relationships are really the key to building great PRIDE.  Within the relationships come trust and dependability which in turn develop a great deal of PRIDE.  The I in PRIDE deals with being a great INSPIRATION to others.  Groups with great PRIDE have the ability to inspire others around them to do great things.  Of course the road is never easy when developing PRIDE, so the D is DETERMINATION.  Now we are really looking at building solid PRIDE in an organization when others just say they have PRIDE.  When this happens, PRIDE becomes more arrogance then a true sense of PRIDE.  In order to do this, a group must stay determined to then finally become a great EXAMPLE.  When you really experience great PRIDE, then you know a group can be such a great example of what others would like to be and strive to be.


(Photo courtesy of Huber Heights Courier, Greg Smart and Image Jock)


In our football program this year we got to meet and embrace a young man by the name of Coltin Pride.  What a great name to have because he is what true PRIDE is all about.  Yes, that is his real last name and what a special person he is for our players.  He exemplifies everything that having great PRIDE stands for and what an outstanding INSPIRTATION he is to us all.  We refer to him as “Coach Pride” and he has been with us through this extremely tough journey. One of these times, maybe we can talk about his determination, inspiration and example that he has set for our program.

Thanks to all of Warrior Nation that made the trip to Mason and helped us defeat Moeller. We have one thing left to do and we need your support this Saturday at The Ohio State Stadium when we take on St. Edwards.  Your support will be extremely important and it will be a great opportunity to show ALL OF OHIO WHAT GREAT PRIDE WE HAVE HERE IN HUBER HEIGHTS…


Jay Minton
Athletic Director