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Warriors News · From the AD: “Gifts”


Have you ever stopped to appreciate the “Gifts” that are in your life?  I firmly believe that life is such a fast pace for so many that we really do not appreciate the special Gifts that are blessings to us.  What we really spend our attention to are the things in life that are negative in nature.  There are so many positive opportunities to do so many great things, however many of them pass us by and we do not take the time to embrace them.
How about your job.  Do you see that as a Gift or do you dread having to go into to work everyday and put in your time.  Think of the many people in our world that do not have jobs.  I bet they would love a Gift like a job.  Family and Friends in our lives are very special because we build beautiful relationships with them. However, do you view that as a Gift to have special people in your lives?
Last but not least, do you view the ability to develop your own faith as a Gift or do you feel it as your right?  Trust me, it is a true Gift to be able to choose what Faith you decide to develop.  There are some people in this world that do not get this freedom. We are provided this GIFT by the many men and women that have fought for our freedom and continue to serve so that you and me can enjoy our freedom.  What a Gift they are to all of us. Hopefully when some read this, no matter what day you are having or no matter how bad things seem, you can slow down or even stop to be grateful and enjoy the many Gifts that life has for us all.
Have a great week and we hope to see everyone at Welcome Stadium this Saturday night at 7:00.  What a GIFT that these young people are to so many.  I know they are a true Gift in my life…
Jay Minton
Athletic Director