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Warriors News · From the AD: GROWTH



Some of the most important stages of GROWTH come during times of adversity, trials and tribulations.  Another way to gain GROWTH is when you must compete like there is no tomorrow.  Most recently, our Football program was in this situation.  With losing our last game and not finishing out a 10-0 season therefore losing a GWOC Title.  Some would think, how can they compete in the State Play-offs, especially against a program like Cincinnati Elder.  It is called GROWTH and it is what we all need to be reminded about even in our adult lives.

These young people, first, Kept the Faith.  Yes, Faith in themselves and Faith in each other.  This allowed us to grow as individuals and more importantly as a Team.  Secondly, they realized the importance of Being Thankful.  They were thankful that they had the opportunity to continue to compete.  They were thankful for the successes that the team has accomplished thus far and most importantly, they were thankful for each other. Thirdly, they knew together they would Find a Way to Grow .  They were willing to admit their mistakes, correct them and move forward. Lastly, the most important thing was that they Did Not Stoop to Negativity.  Yes, it was all around them and many would second guess just how good of a group this was, but these outstanding young players moved in a positive direction.

Doesn’t this all seem similar to the game of life?  This situation reminded me just how important it is in times of adversity to; Keep the Faith, Be Thankful, Find a Way to Grow and Do Not Stoop to Negativity.  Imagine if we all lived our lives this way?  Imagine the progress that we could make for young people?  Sometimes the lesson is best learned from the student and not the teacher.  Be good Warrior Nation and we hope to see everyone at the game this Saturday Night, as these young people show us how far they can go when you deal with Adversity the correct way.

“Together We Will”…

Jay Minton
Athletic Director