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Warriors News · From the AD: The Margins of LIFE



Athletics teaches us so many great things, especially the ones about life.  This one is very unique.  Have you ever thought about what your “Margins of Life” is all about?  Margins are defined as the space that is available before you reach your boundaries.  Of course we all know that with everything, there are boundaries, but what about the space before that is usually blank.  I am a firm believer that how one uses their margins can determine the success of their venture.  Yes, Margins play a key role in everything we do in life.  Sometimes, if the Margins are used well enough, you can even extend the boundaries to fulfill dreams, goals and whatever target that one has set.

This week our young men on the football team will have the ability to fill in their margins and possibly extend their boundaries.  My wish for them is that their “Margins” will be filled with life-long memories about their times that they established and experienced here at Wayne High School. vMore importantly, they will begin to learn how to make the most of their “Margins” in their future endeavors.

We sure hope to see everyone out this Friday at Centerville.  Our young people will need all of the WARRIOR NATION to be there and let it rip… if you can’t be there this Friday, then we will be back home next week during the first week of the Play-offs.  Look for information on waynewarriorathletics.com…


Jay Minton
Athletic Director