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Warriors News · From the AD: RESPECT



What a great word that is used in athletics so much.  Some would say that RESPECT is earned and in most cases this is true.  What happens when everyone is doing the right thing and moving in the right direction and then a group is still not RESPECTED? I believe it goes back to the controllable vs. the uncontrollable.

In Athletics, RESPECT has to be given from someone else.  You can’t just go out and say respect us.  In order for our community to get the respect it deserves, we need to step up and show support for one another.  We should be a community that has RESPECT from all surrounding communities, but because we don’t seem to be on the same page, we bring ourselves down.  We do have an opportunity to show others that we are a community of one and we do deserve RESPECT.

Meanwhile, our athletic teams will continue to plug away and try to do their best each and every time out.  We all need to remember WE ARE HUBER HEIGHTS…Somewhere along the line we are referred to as being Dayton, but if we are going to get RESPECT, THEN HUBER HEIGHTS MUST STAND TOGETHER AND STAND STRONG AS ONE…for the ones that read this column, I will be ending it with PLEASE VOTE! It truly is important to our community. Have a great week and GO WARRIORS!


Jay Minton
Athletic Director