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Warriors News · From the AD: Influence


It took me a long time to realize how important this word is, especially how it relates to athletics and young people.  When talking about “influence” one can categorize it into a positive or negative action.  We constantly discuss with our young people how much influence they have on the younger athletes in our community alone.  It is truly funny, but remembering as a kid, we wanted to be like someone in high school, then when in high school, we wanted to be like someone in college or the pros. The scary thing is that we never know who is actually watching us and who we are influencing.

Most think that influence is with actions and it is.  Those actions can come from words that are spoken or gestures that are made or maybe how we dress and carry ourselves. Almost anything we do can become a potential influence.  I feel strongly that in America, we lift sports figures up so fast and so high that we forget that some are not ready for the responsibility that goes along with making sure they become a positive INFLUENCE in the lives of so many.  This is again, one of the many ways that a quality sports program can help build a foundation of knowing how to be a positive influence on others.

Most recently, our football team was blessed with getting to know a young fellow, Coltin Pride.  He would love to play the game of football and dreams about it every day, but right now is not able to do that due to having a kidney transplant at a younger age. It was such a blessing to see what type of influence our players have on this young man.  More importantly, it was a blessing to see what a great influence that Coltin has on our team. You see, influence, sometimes is a two way street and I believe our players were more influenced in this case.

The other recent case that comes to mind is our Girls Soccer Team.  I can’t begin to imagine how many people those young ladies influenced with their actions.  I hope that we all are aware of who and what we are influencing with our actions.  Have a great week and

Go Warriors!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director