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Warriors News · From the AD: “A Tribute”

“A Tribute”


In beginning this week’s article, I had such a heavy heart.  Well, that all changed this past week when I experienced one of the most encouraging outpour of community support that I have ever been a part of.  What a beautiful way to honor such a great young man, in Jason Bitsko.

We love that young man, because we knew he was special, but to experience the community here and his community at Kent State made his tribute so much more spectacular.  Yes, if there was ever a template that we need to use in developing the perfect young person, then that template of the way Jason Bitsko lived his life would be a perfect one to use.  The comforting words from Kaitlin, Ryan, Pam and Randy were so incredible.  It was no secret why Jason was one of the best ever.

I would like to Thank our principal, Dr. Cosby and our Superintendent, Mrs. Gunnell for allowing our student body to show their respect for one of their former Warriors.  It truly shows their sincerity for young people.  I continue to say that we have great young people here at Wayne and it was never more evident than when they paid their respect to the family while lining the street in front of the school during the procession to the cemetery.  To quote one of our teachers “you could have heard a pin drop.”

Some say that Jason may be gone in sight, but will always be present in spirit.  I believe that to a point, but look around with that sight and see and experience all of the greatness and the legacy that Jason left us.  I guarantee you that if you experience just a small portion of this, then you will truly be a changed person for the better.  Our hope and prayers are that we all live our lives with the outstanding qualities that were experienced by Jason every day of his life.  God Bless you Jason and I am sure he has already heard “well done, my good and faithful servant…”

 Once a Warrior…ALWAYS a Warrior!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director