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Warriors News · From the AD: Family


I know we have talked about this in the past, but with our sports season starting back up, it really brings back a special meaning that develops within a team.  The word family is always present in a successful team.  For some, this is a second family and others it may be their only family.

We relate this development to being a part of something bigger than they are.  A close bond or connection to one another develops during the many hours that are spent with one another.  We grow together, we enjoy successes together and we even lean on one another in a time of defeat.  These families that are built through athletics bring about a life time of memories and relationships. Usually the coach or coaches are father or mother figures which relates back to a family make up.

Being part of this type of “Family” is just one of the many components that we benefit when being involved in athletics.  I hope that if you were ever involved in athletics that you received this positive benefit and are able to enjoy a life time of memories and relationships.

Warrior fans and followers, be on the lookout for some fantastic ladies coming around looking for businesses and organizations to be involved in supporting our kids.  They are Sherri Combs and Annette Pearson looking for any business that is wanting to advertise on our scoreboard.  Along with the team of Andi Otto, Heather McFadgen and Lee Ann Yeater hoping that you will grab a page or a part of a page in this year’s program.  These are just a few of the many great people that our student athletes benefit from their hard work. They truly are part of the “Warrior Family”! Hope to see everyone this fall…

Go Warriors!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director