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Warriors News · From the AD: A Coaches Wife

A Coaches Wife

In athletics, there is a very special person that no one usually gets to know
that well or hear that much from.  This person is called “A Coaches Wife” and
they sure are usually the backbone of every successful coach and program.

Yes, they share each victory and agonize over defeat.  They usually share opinions when asked upon. They are usually close to the players, reassuring them that “coach does love you, he pushes you, because he wants the best for you.”  These ladies always keep the household in check and make sure the kids are fed, clothed and cared for and reassuring the kids that dad does not love the sport more than he loves you.

Of course I am referring to programs that are high school and up, but the same goes for all levels of coaching.  So this season, whenever you see ladies standing in certain spots, holding special Good Luck charms and praying that the outcome is positive, you can bet that there is a good chance they are a coaches wife. So here is “The Best of Luck” to all the coaches wives that are out there and we thank you for being extremely special and being the backbone of every program.

God Bless and Go Warriors!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director