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Warriors News · From the Desk: “Voices”



Do you hear voices within your head?  Ok, I have not fallen off the deep end yet, but I really do believe that everyone hears some sort of voice in their head, especially when they are facing a difficult choice or decision to make.  A lot of things we do are done with instinct, but somewhere along making that choice, you will have inner thoughts that make you ponder about which way you decide to go.

In most decisions you make, it either deals with a good one or  a bad one.  This is what we need to get across to our young people.  Most know what is right or wrong, good or bad and we must try to plant a positive voice seed so that with every decision they make, hopefully they take the right or good side.  This is why it is so important to stay positive in tough times. If you allow negativity to take over, then the voice you are being led by will take a negative road.  My prayer is that we can plant enough good voice seeds that our young people will make the right or good choices in life…

Thank you to all that either helped or participated in the first annual EWP 5K Run/Walk and Fun Run. What a great community event and next year proves to be even more exciting. There are some very exciting things happening in our community and our school community for this year, so we hope to see everyone out there supporting our young people. Hopefully the voice of support will lead you to our events!


Jay Minton
Athletic Director