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Warriors News · From the AD: What a Role to Play!

What Role to Play!


Last week we talked about the developing the “you” within the team concept.  Now, after the “you” is developed, it is extremely important to find out what Role each person will play. I kind of equate it to putting on a major production.  The theater people will love me.

It can be broken down as the lead role, a supportive role and simply an extra.  The latter does not sound like much, but trust me, in a lot of cases the extras become the core of the team. Imagine a film without the extras.  Pretty boring and would seem very dull and thus lose the excitement that is created by the core of the team. The extras would be players that are developing on your team in hopes that someday they can step into more of a lead role.

Obviously, everyone knows what a supporting cast consist of.  This would be starters and players that really don’t get a great deal of lime-light.  Usually, they are the type of player that doesn’t mind playing the supporting role. The best way to describe this  would be in football, think of how important your offensive line is to a team.  Without them, forget the ability to have any success.  However, they do not get a lot of the press and gratitude they deserve, but within the team, all of the players know how important they are and how important their role is in the success of the team.

Lastly, within a team, there are a few lead roles. Yes, this is the person or persons that get all of the press and glory. Every team needs to have each of these roles in order to have a successful venture. A coaches role is to simply get each athlete into a role that is excepted by the athlete and allows the team to do what we call “jell”.

Now a team is ready for success and can begin to enter into the execution stage. Hope this has enlightened our supporters into how important it is for a person to not only develop, but to find how they fit into a program. Hope to see all of the Warrior Nation at the EWP 5K Run/Walk and Fun Run. This is July 26. To register go to waynewarriorathletics.com and you will see a posted alert. Hope to see you there for a great kick-off to the fall season.


 Jay Minton
Athletic Director