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Warriors News · From the AD: The “You” in a Team

The “You” in a Team


A team is really only as good as all of the “you” that are involved in that group.  So we will attempt to identify how the “you” can best fit into a quality team.  The first question that must be asked is “Why” does a person want to be part of a certain group or team.  Many times we see young people doing it for their parents instead of wanting to use this group to be a better developed person.  Yes, sports will make you a better person if you are involved for the right reason.

So asking “Why” is an important beginning. The “O” is knowing the opportunity that you will have to make an impact or perform a certain role in a team or group.  It is one thing to have an opportunity, but it is always a better thing to take advantage of such opportunity. So many people want to become part of something successful, but they can’t identify their role, so they allow the opportunity to pass them by.

Lastly, the “U” is one of the most important aspects of being part of a group or team.  This is having the mindset of being “unified” within this team. So many times, a person thinks they are either bigger than the team or better.  This simply spells disaster.  Having the right attitude is essential for a “you” to make a positive contribution so the team can have the success.  A person has to understand that the success will be shared with the team. It is true that from the team, individual acknowledgements do come about, but only after the team has experienced great success.

We hope that we can begin to see that the “you” is very important to a team’s success, but will only experience that success if the “you” has the correct approach to being part of a team.

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Jay Minton
Athletic Director