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Warriors News · From the AD: “Behind the Scenes”

“Behind the Scenes”


I wonder if all the people know just how much time and energy our young people invest “behind the scenes”?  Yes, we see them perform in the gyms and on the fields, but if you have never gone through a pre-season preparation, then it would be hard to have the appreciation for what this entails.  I am referring to football players, boys and girls soccer players, volleyball players, boys and girls golfers, and our cross country runners. I am also referring to our cheerleaders and our band participants.

Trust me, it is a grueling process that they all go through and for what reason?  Well many of them do it for an opportunity to get their college paid for, while others do it for the opportunity to belong to something that is bigger than themselves.  An opportunity to belong to something successful.  The bottom line though, if they told you the truth, they do it for community pride.  Yes, community pride, because they care about how they represent each and every one of us that either work or reside in this community.  We can tell by the high level of work that is put in by our young people just how much they really do care for our Huber Heights community.  Yes, when we are successful, they may say Wayne High School, Weisenborn Junior High or Huber Heights City Schools, but our people need to know that these young students really do this for our community.

What a great feeling to see the young people preparing.  For me, it is truly the blessing that I get every day.  I hope that all of our community members and supporters will go through their own preparation in supporting our youth.


We also have some Champion Club members working behind the scenes in developing a 5K Run/Walk and Fun Run. A great deal of preparation has gone into this project, so we hope that everyone will come out and support this great cause. The cause is to help reduce the participation fees for our young people. This will take place on July 26 at 9:00am at the Stadium. Go to waynewarriorathletics.com for the detailed information.

“Together We Will”…

Jay Minton
Athletic Director