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Warriors News · From the AD: Service!



What a great word and what a great thing to be able to do for others.  Servicing others is such an uplifting activity for the person providing the service.  If we think about it, in almost everything we do, we end up providing a “service” for people.  We are truly in the people serving business.

This next school year, we will attempt to really concentrate on our athletes providing service to our community.  There is so much opportunity with projects such as; reading and tutoring to elementary students, working with our senior citizens, as well as beautification projects around our school and community.  Many people say that the person being served gets a lot out of it, but contest that it is the server that gets the most reward when completing an activity.  It is very important in our development process to really establish great service opportunities.  People really need to learn how to give back and how important it is to always help others.

One of the greatest compliments that a person could ever obtain is that of someone saying that they put others needs before themselves.  This is one of the great problems with our society in today’s world.  We recently attended such a heartfelt service for Mae Worthy.   In that service, 99% of it was devoted to how Mae went out of her way to help others.  She truly put others needs before her own.  What a blessing! When our student athletes graduate and go on to the next chapter in their lives, this is what we want people to say about them.  So don’t be surprised if you see or hear of Wayne Athletes servicing our community…

Congrats to Jordan Latimer and Robert Landers for winning State Titles in their track events!!  Jordan is a two time State Champion in the Long Jump and also set a school record this year.  He also came in second in the High Jump.  Robert is the first male athlete in the history of Wayne High School to win the State in any throws competition.  Wow, what a legacy these outstanding student athletes have left on this community.  Get this, Robert will be back next year and is also receiving offers for a Division 1` football scholarship.  We had several young females do really well this year at the State Track Championship.  Next week we will share their names and you can see how bright the future looks for Wayne Track.  Until next week, find someone that you can serve to…you will never feel or be the same person after you do!


 Jay Minton
Athletic Director