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Warriors News · From the AD: Being “The Rock”



So many times we hear or go through some unexpected tough times in our lives.  Through those adversities, we always either become the “Rock” or we look for a “Rock” around us in order to seek comfort and guidance.  This past week, a couple of instances have really hit home. It made me extremely proud that I was able to witness how they played out.

First, graduation is such a great time in many lives.  It does mark a new beginning for many young people.  However, it really makes me think about what lies ahead for so many great kids.  Hopefully many of them will become leaders not only in their work place, but leaders in their families as well.

The other time occurred during an unfortunate tragedy this past week.  We lost another outstanding Selfless Warrior.  Mae “MeMe” Worthy, the grandmother of the very successful Wayne Warrior, Michigan State Spartan, and current Green Bay Packer, Jerel Worthy. Such a beautiful, caring, beloved, sincere and uplifting positive Christian woman.  What more could you ask for in a person?  We unexpectedly lost her through an untimely passing.  We will miss her dearly, but what really has made us all so very proud is the way that her Grandson, Jerel, has stepped up to be the “Rock” in his entire family.  Probably the one that was the closest to her and was the most grief stricken, but yet he knew what his family needed the most was a “rock”.  This obviously was instilled in him by his MeMe.  God Bless the Worthy family in some of their darkest days, but what a true blessing that has come out of it, in seeing her fruits of her labor in her grandson, Jerel.

Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior…

Jay Minton
Athletic Director