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Warriors News · From the AD: Future with Blessings

Future with Blessings!

This time of the year is a great time for many families and young people across the country.   This time of Graduation is always shared with one of those most appreciative times we should have in honoring our men and women that have served and are now serving in the Military.  Many of those have given their lives for their country and to insure that freedom lives on.  There can't be a greater cause to give ones' life than that of serving and protecting their country and fellow man.

The other great blessing is that of Graduation.  So exciting, but when really deeply thinking about this time, one has to be cautiously optimistic.  Many elderly people know what our great class of 2014 has in front of them.  I hope that they plan life like they will live forever, but live life like it is your last day on earth.  Don't take tomorrow for granted.  Imagine if we all lived our lives this way.  Of course, it is never to late to start living life this way now.  My prayer for this class is that they will begin their future with this in mind.  

Congratulations class of 2014.  You have been one of the most successful classes to ever come through the great doors of Wayne High School.  Your legacy will live on forever and ever.  Use this phrase of how to love your life and you will be amazed on how many more successes you will achieve.  I know one thing, you will always have a very loving place to call home here at Wayne.  We hope that you never forget where you came from and live your life to the fullest.  God Bless each and every one of you, Wayne Warrior Graduates! 


Jay Minton
Athletic Director