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Warriors News · From the AD: We Can See the LIGHT!!!



Have you ever heard the expression, “there is a light at the end of the tunnel?”  For so many, they seem to be in a tunnel and “the light” is a great way to say, things are getting better.  I really feel like that with our school district.  I can truly begin to see “the light” where at one time things looked very dark.

It is really due to a lot of people persevering and making sacrifices for the good of the cause.  We have great leadership in our district. It has to be extremely difficult to make some tough decisions, especially when it comes to decisions that are not popular.  There is an old saying that we tend to use, “What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular”.  A very hard code to live by, but it does work.

I have seen some incredible people step up in these arduous times.  I will mention one such name, Annette Pearson. She is the Vice President of the Champions Club (EWP) and due to an illness to our President, Annette was thrust into the duties of the President role.  She organized an enormous fundraising event, last weekends fish fry.  I can tell you she worked hours and hours in order to pull this event off.  Of course she had some great help, but she did step up and take the lead.  I would really like to say Thank You to all that came out to that event and participated in order to make the event a great success. Also, to those that stepped up to help Annette pull this off.

Once again, the great people of Huber Heights showed just how great they are.  These events can be pulled off when you have a great motivating factor, the student athletes. Every dollar raised will help offset the participation fee cost. So you can begin to see “the light”?  Monday evening we had the privilege of interviewing 17 outstanding young student athletes for the Hart Scholarship, which is sponsored by the Huber Heights Athletic Foundation.  “The light” was in every one of those young people.  They shared their positive experiences while at Wayne and you would have never known that there were any dark days here in the Heights.  I learned a great deal from them. It was an amazing reminder why we do what we do and for who we do it for…..

As the Seniors are putting on finishing touches of their High School career, my hope is that they have all become better people for having gone through this great educational process. I know there were 17 that sure did.  I also hope that as adults, we all can take a lesson from our young people and see the “Light” that shines extremely bright every day……Have a great week and hope to see everyone at the RELAY FOR LIFE this Saturday night…


Jay Minton
Athletic Director