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Warriors News · From the AD: Death & Athletics

Death and Athletics


Some will wonder why I would use such a morbid word in association to athletics.  First, in athletics we all are taught the positive ways of dealing with adversity in our lives.  Some will look at Death as adversity, while some may see it as a blessing in some cases.  However, when one looks at Death, there will always be an emptiness that will be associated with those still on this earth.

Athletics should teach us how to build a foundation of belief.  No, it should not teach us what belief, however a well-rounded program should allow us to develop this belief that will help guide us through tough times in life, especially when dealing with Death.  It is funny, when in college, I had a class called “Death, Dying and Aging”.  I have applied many lessons learned throughout my life.  What a meaningful class it turned out to be, and at the time, it was just an elective.

As we all know, athletics teaches us so much more than just trying to win a game.  In fact, when dealing with the topic of Death, the contest does not seem to be important at all.  What we developed along the journey in athletics will prove to be a guidance in the way we attempt to understand life.  The most important thing that athletics should teach us, when dealing with death, is to ask a very important question.  “If I died today, how would I want to be remembered?”  Athletics teaches us how important it is to give back and treat others in a special way so that we all may be remembered in a positive way.  This fall, we will be conducting a character and leadership development program with our student athletes. You can bet this will be a topic in that discussion.


If you have not already done so, please visit the WAYNE WARRIOR ATHLETIC WEBSITE that has some great insight into Wayne Athletics.  You can visit the direct url or if you go to the Huber Heights City Schools website, just click athletics.  I hope you will enjoy it as we continue to make it a special place to view Wayne Sports information.

Go Warriors!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director