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Warriors News · From the Desk: Educational Revolution



The definition of “Education” is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction and is also defined as an enlightening experience.  A “complete education” means we develop mind, body and soul.  Obviously, the development of the soul is limited in the public setting due to separation of church and state.  However, much development can be done in the area of character development.  We will be doing this with a group of our athletes beginning this fall.  I do believe that when it comes to the body, for this purpose, we can relate this to the development as a whole within athletics.  There are very few that do it better than Huber Heights.

Yes, in athletics, we use differential learning strategies, not all athletes are on the same level while being on the same team, but we must get them all to work at a high level. We are also held accountable for the outcomes through competition, by setting goals and making sure every student athlete is striving to obtain those goals.  We do try our best to engage parents and community and we want our athletes to be better when leaving the program then before they entered the program. This sounds a lot like the educational process.  In athletics, we are constantly trying to change our strategies in order to reach the individuals. The outcomes of our athletes are well documented with winning and losing. We set benchmarks in order to achieve certain levels.

This brings me to “Educational” endeavors. To me, we are all educators. This includes teachers, coaches and mentors. In Huber Heights City Schools, we educate our young people. We have some of the best teachers, coaches and mentors that any district could ever have.  The most important thing we do for our young people is to care about them. What we need to accomplish now is for all phases of development to work together on the same page, to best develop the mind, body and soul of our youngsters in Huber Heights. We should not tear one down to build one up. Many say we are noted for being an “athletic factory”.  I take offense to that because that tells me we are not letting our media and others know how well we develop the whole person.

Can we do better, absolutely we can.  We can always do better in everything we do.  Vince Lombardi once said “ Keep striving for perfection, you will never achieve it, but along the way you will become excellent.”  We need to strive to be “excellent” developers of young people.  Education is the most important thing we can do for our young people, but to not educate them in all areas would be a great disservice to them.  When our athletes take the field or the court, I want them to earn the privilege of getting to represent this great school district and community.  Our revolution should be to all work together and feed off of each other to produce the best young people in the country. This can be done and it will be done…. “Together We Will!”


Jay Minton
Athletic Director