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Warriors News · From the AD: L.I.F.E.


   I have been wanting to write about this for some time now.  I’ve thought with this being the season for Prom, Graduations and other activities of celebration, this topic may be very important at this time.

This word called “LIFE”, is interesting because we only get one go at it, as we know it to be here on earth.  In using this as an acronym, we wanted to bring out the important things that this word should stand for. Who knows, maybe someone will read this and either begin to change their life or reaffirm their life’s path.


L” has to begin with LOVE.  This is not Love as we know it to be “in love” as much as it should mean that you absolutely “Love” what you are doing.  It should also mean how one presents their self.  Are you happy and can people see and feel the love you have inside for others?  This is when Love can change a day for someone. It deals with caring about others and putting their concerns before yours.

The “I” deals with INTEGRITY!  In this life, your integrity is the only thing that you really control.  The choices you make will determine ones integrity.  We tell our athletes all the time, one bad choice can tarnish a life time of great integrity.

F” without a doubt stands for FOUNDATION or FAITH.  Let’s be real, one has to have great faith to have a great foundation.  No one is ever saying that one faith is better than any other, but we always encourage our student athletes to begin to build a foundation of faith and be true to that foundation.  This, again is their choice and will determine how they deal with the rigors of life along their journey of growth.

The “E” can go so many ways in Life, but we see it as ENCOURAGEMENT.  This is so important because our world is filled with a bunch of discouraged people.  It is funny when someone that is encouraging stands out like there is something wrong with them.  Encouragement can turn someone’s life around in a second.  Have you ever saw a person’s face light up when they are encouraged with kind words?  To be a person of encouragement can become contagious, where pretty soon, you have a room full of encouraging people.

So I ask you, what are you doing with your LIFE on earth as we know it?  Are you loving, have great integrity, with a solid foundation and are encouraging to others.  If so, congrats you are the people we need our young people to be around.  If not, then why not change your LIFE as we know it to be someone that will leave a positive thought of the lives of others… Have a great week and be safe!


Jay Minton
Athletic Director