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Warriors News · From the AD: Assumptions?

According to a quote by Alan Alda, “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.” I never realized how powerful this word really was until I began to research it.
Are you guilty of assuming something, only to find out later that your assumption was not true. Chances are, during that assumption, much negativity may have developed. How many conflicts could be avoided if people would not form opinions based on assumptions? How about rumors, how many of these are fueled by forming assumptions based on a rumor? Why do people form these assumptions?
Unfortunately, it is human nature and in some cases, it turns out to be very negative. Once people assume something, they very rarely hate to admit their assumption was wrong. You know the line, “well I just assumed.” How many times have we heard this? I know one thing, in dealing with youth, you should never assume anything. The other false statement is “always assume the worst.” Wow, that is very pessimistic. Hopefully, the next time you are in a situation that you may form an assumption, one will take time to remember the statement of Alan Alda and allow your light  to shine bright through the windows of life.
Have a relaxing and safe Spring Break!
Jay Minton
Athletic Director