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Warriors News · From the AD: Priorities


If we were asked to write down our Priorities, I wonder what they would look like. Would your faith come first or last? How about your family, would they fit into your priorities somewhere near the top or on a second level? We could go on and on with relationships, work, time management, etc. What I am trying to point out is in this hustle and bustle world in which we live, when it comes down to it, there is no real structured guidelines for people to set their priorities.

There are many different subjects and even more different ideas of importance. How is it that we function in what sounds like such a dysfunctional society? Well, what we do is find common items and common importance levels. For instance, in today's education system, the common item should be the development of young people and it should be a top priority. Oh, we say it is a priority, but is it really or are we fooling ourselves. Yes, the development of young people involves so much more than teaching them equations in a classroom or the history of our country. It also should not rely just on what is outside the classroom or on the fields or courts. Imagine if society ever got this right for young people and put the same importance on everything like the classroom, the social aspect and the physical function of young people.

Oh and by the way, they would be allowed to teach some foundation of faith. Yes, our priorities in America are way out of line when coming to the development of young people. The funny thing is, who do we blame for all of this? I am sure we would have many different opinions on this as well.

Congrats to our Boys Basketball Team, DISTRICT CHAMPS! Also our boys and girls did extremely well at the state indoor track meet. Jordan Latimer became a State Champion in the Long Jump AGAIN!  It should be an outstanding outside season. Last but not least, our girls bowling team competed very hard at the state tournament. Something tells me they will be back there next year with a top finish. Of course like all successes, it depends on how they prioritize the off season.

Go Wayne!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director