Warriors News · From the AD: POWER


When someone talks about Power, there are many things that come to light. Obviously, a lot of people relate power to strength.  However, some view Power as a form of status and we should not. The bottom line is everyone has Power.

The only difference is how you choose to use your Power. Some will use it wisely, make great choices, be great leaders, or help others in need. While others will simply take the Power that they have inside and absolutely blow it. Unfortunately, we have witnessed this way too many times and it is sad, especially when it is a young person and they have chosen to use their Power in a negative way. This is why it is so important to have the positive people around our young boys and girls. People that make great decisions with their Power. People that model what having positive Power is all about.

You see, Power can relate to almost anything you want it to, but be warned with the abuse of Power comes a heavy consequence. I know this seems to be way out there when talking about the possibilities that we all have inside, but it is true that it really is never too late to use the Power that was given to you and make a difference in someone’s life.

The question of the day, do you realize what your Power is and do you know how to use it in a positive way. If you know a young person that needs guidance, please help them utilize their Power in a positive way before they fall to the ones that will show them negative Power.

If you want to see a Team that uses their Power in a very positive way, come out and support our Boys Basketball Team. They seem to be clicking on all cylinders and we look for them to go deep into the tournament. It just goes to show what can happen when a group of Powerful men plays a positive role on the lives of a group of boys…hopefully they will take care of business on Wednesday and if so, they will be at UD Arena on Friday, at 7:00 for the sectional title. Think about the Power that you have and how you may use it, everyone has it inside of them.

Go Warriors!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director