Warriors News · From the AD: Convictions


In today’s society, one issue that can be observed is that of people not having developed strong “convictions” which results in being a wishy-washy society.  According to the dictionary reference, conviction is a fixed or firm belief.  This is very evident in today’s youth.  The bottom line is that we do not challenge our youth to think enough, especially when it comes to developing self “convictions”.  As a result, way too many young people seem to go “with the flow” and not stand for a cause which carries throughout ones life.  This is also very evident when a politician is running for office.  They don’t speak to the people that have strong convictions, they want the wishy-washy ones.  In athletics, some coaches do not want athletes to have strong convictions.  They want them to be solely dependent on the program.  I firmly believe this is where we fail our youth in their development.  We need to teach them how to think and develop strong convictions so they can take a stand and not just “run with the crowd”, which sometimes leads to making negative decisions.  Sure it is important to also teach how to exist in society and when and where they should stand for their convictions.  This is another way we fall short when helping our youth develop.  Athletics is a perfect venue to guide young people in creating opportunities to build a foundation of knowing when and where to express ones personal convictions.

Have a great week and may this subject allow you to review and affirm or develop your convictions.


Jay Minton
Athletic Director