Warriors News · From the AD: National Signing Day

National Signing Day!


What a great time of the year for our young people that have excelled in their respective programs. Now is the time that some of the rewards begin to happen for the student athletes and their families. The experts say choosing a college is one of the two biggest decisions that a young person will make in their lives. The other one is who they will marry. The decisions that are made now will most definitely play a major role in developing futures. It is why, this is one of the neatest times of the year when dealing with young people and their futures. Sure, there are some disappointments, but the successes far outweigh those disappointments. This is also the time that some begin to say, wow, if I only had it to do over again, I could have done better. This is when a coach or program needs to access their development program and determine why some did not make it. Of course, there are many reasons why and coaches should be able to share that with a youngster. We always say, if you are willing to commit to your development, which means in the classroom and weight room, and are willing to be real with the place for you, then there should be a place. As you can see, there are so many factors that go into this process. The only thing that a young person can do is control what they can control, everything else will truly take care of itself. Here is a list, at this time, who will be using athletics to get their post-secondary education paid for.


Dorian Hendrix-University of Kentucky, Jordan Whitfield-Eastern Kentucky, Tristan Davis-Indiana University @ Pennsylvania,Diamond Jones-Indiana University @ Pennsylvania, Trey McFadden-Urbana University, Katie Neeley-Bluffton College, Courtney Fernandez-Wilmington College, Dre’Ameerha Walker-Indiana Tech, Erionna Ballard-Indiana Tech, Rachel Aikens-Indiana Tech,Tereia Mackey-Indiana Tech, Samantha Palma-Tennessee State University, Kiersten Hook-Xavier University, Shannon Lindsey-Spaulding University and Emily Lindsey-Spaulding University.


There are several others that will make their decisions later on in the year and we look forward to sharing their names as well. It is important to remember, there are many people that have helped develop these student athletes, many teachers, coaches and community members. I am sure we all join in congratulating our signees for the class of 2014.

Go Warriors!

Jay Minton
Athletic Director