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Warriors News · From the AD: Mother Nature vs. Athletics

Mother Nature vs. Athletics

What a winter this has been. Have you ever wondered what a hard winter does to athletics? Can you say the word, discombobulated? The most used words of this winter for athletics has been, postponed, cancelled and rescheduled. Although we try to keep events on schedule, sometimes mother nature takes over and I would have to admit, she is undefeated.  Early on, we lost count with the number of events that we had to postpone or cancel.  I can say that most all events have been or will be made up.  Most recently, our Varsity Wrestling team only got to wrestle in half of a tournament in Eaton.  Due to conflicts with dates and weather, they had to cancel the tournament.  Can you imagine the lost of revenue this cost their athletic department?  When an event must be postponed or cancelled, many factors go into making the decision.  Safety is always first and foremost when dealing with weather cancellations.  Not only the safety of the student athletes, but how about the spectators involved?  Can we get the facility to where it is safe for the participants, can our buses and fans travel to and from the contest without danger?  These are just a few of the many factors that are taken into consideration.  Fortunately, we are in a school district that embraces the need for our student athletes to complete their schedules.  This is why sometimes you will see our contest take place when schools are closed.  I can tell you that safety is never compromised for our athletes and our spectators.  So the next time you see or hear of an athletic event being postponed or cancelled, overcome the disappointment and understand the many factors that weigh upon the decision that had to be made. Lets hope that mother nature does not want to compete anymore this season and the events can go on as planned.

You can always go to our athletic website to see if something is postponed or cancelled. Two ways to navigate to the website, go to www.huberheightscityschools.org and click on athletics or go to www.waynewarriorathletics.com. See you soon, we hope!


Jay Minton
Athletic Director