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Warriors News · From the AD: Character Maturity

Character Maturity

As many of you know and believe, in sports, we work on developing the total young person with our mission to help build a foundation for life. Much of this can be categorized into developing character. It is funny, because many think that sports do not develop Character, it reveals it. So we try and build it off the field so when it is revealed in a sporting event, everyone can see the benefits, especially the student athlete. When dealing with Character the one word that always comes to mind is that of Maturity. There are many forms of character, some good and some bad, but what we are really looking for is that of “Character Maturity”.  This is when a person does not have to think about their Character, it is almost becomes second nature to do good things for people and to make great decisions based on the high character that has been developed.  As an adult, how do you treat people? Have you developed positive Character Maturity? Do you open doors for people? Do you speak to people when passing by? We want our young people to always have great concern and politeness to our elderly. Yes sir and no sir, yes mam and no mam are character traits that should become a habit. I hope you can establish this “Character Maturity”, whether it be young or old. I know our community and our country would be a much better place to be…

Our Boys Basketball Team will be taking on the number two team in the Country this Friday night at the Trent Arena. Game time is slated for 8:15pm. Tickets are still on sale at Wayne High School.  Hope to see everyone out there to support our Warriors!


Jay Minton
Athletic Director