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Warriors News · From the AD: Athletic Resolutions – NCSA Athletic Recruiting


We hope the everyone had a Merry Christmas and are excited about bringing in the New Year.  Obviously, when talking about the “New Year”, the word resolution keeps popping up.  We recently came across an article in the NCSA Athletic Recruiting monthly newsletter.  It gave 8 athletic resolutions for our athletes to consider.  In this day and age when students are looking for every angle to help finance their way through college, this athletic advice needed to be shared.

1. Develop a new skill.  No matter what your sport, try something new this year.  What aspect of your game could you improve?

2.  Choose one stat/measurable to improve.  By focusing on one stat you have a better chance on improvement.

3.  Attend at least one camp, combine, instructional lesson.  Measure up against your competition out there.

4.  Increase your GPA by .2 points.  This is usually overlooked when talking about athletic improvement.

5.  Learn the NCAA recruiting rules.  This gives you a better step up in the process and maximizes your full opportunity.

6.  Develop better sportsmanship skills.  Coaches are watching this area and their investment in you is big, so they have to have a well-rounded athlete.

7.  Create a professional and searchable online presence.  This means social networking will be researched on you.  Put your best out there.

8.  Volunteer in the local community.  This helps build character and looks good on a college resume.

I hope this information helps and may you all have a Safe, Healthy, and Happy New Year!


Jay Minton
Athletic Director