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Warriors News · From the AD: Expecting vs Expectations

Expecting vs. Expectations

  In athletics, when we get this right, then you know you have made some strides and can go on to make even bigger gains within your teams. However, like everything else, it relates also to life.  Expectations are meeting or exceeding the levels that it takes in order to secure a position on a team or in life.  Expecting is simply put, “it is my turn” or because I reached a certain age or grade, the position should be mine.  As a coach, you know you have not built a good foundation when you hear your players say this. This does not happen often, but when it does, there is a good chance that it is way too late to change a player or their families on this issue. Sometimes it is a way that players and parents try to intimidate or at least fabricate that a certain position is taken. “I am a senior, so now I get to play”, this phrase is one that usually happens to a program that is not successful. Realistically, if you are a coach and you have two players one younger and one older that are going for the same position, then the correct decision would be to take the younger one, due to the fact they will be able to make greater strides. I know there are some that would disagree with me on this, but those would be considered “the expecting ones”.  The most successful student athletes are the ones that are the best performers and are ready to secure a position on the field or courts. If we as coaches always determine our teams by using this formula, then you stay away from favoritism.

Hopefully all of our student athletes are working hard to not only meet the expectations, but exceed them. We can guarantee that they will be working hard…

Go Wayne!

Jay Minton

Athletic Director