Warriors News · From the AD: FATE


This can be a word we use in athletics to either be ordinary or extraordinary.  Not sure how most people look at the word FATE, but to me it derives from the word FAITH. Fate is defined as a power that is believed to control what happens in the future. The best illustration of this most recently is the 100 yard field goal return for a touchdown with 1 second left that allowed Auburn to beat Alabama. Some say it was the impossible, however if you deal long enough with sports, this is what we call FATE. This fate also had a major impact on the Buckeyes quest for a national championship. You see, this is where the faith part comes in. Ohio State kept having faith in what they were doing and what they could control, winning. You can see what a positive way FATE has affected the Buckeyes. Most did not think that Alabama or Florida State would be beat, therefore the Bucks would be outside looking in, but because of FATE that was derived from the FAITH that they had, now they may have a chance at it all. How about life, isn’t it filled with “fate moments”. I hope that when fate appears, hopefully a positive fate, people realize that it is not to be taken lightly. I have also heard that Fate is a residue of design. This means that if you really want something positive…. stay persistent in obtaining it, then stick with it and hopefully you will enjoy a “FATE” moment.

Our winter season has opened up and we are looking  forward to some exciting times this winter. We hope you can catch some live action and allow our student athletes to entertain you with their dynamic talent. Also, stay up with the latest news and information by going to waynewarriorathletics.com or on the Huber Heights City Schools website, click the athletics button. Don’t wait till New Years to make that famous resolution, I know I am not waiting…Go Warriors!


Jay W. Minton

Athletic Director

Head Football Coach

Wayne High School